*Swimming pool leak detection  :
R 1880.00 including callout and first hour, thereafter
R 480.00/hour.

*Standard residential/domestic leak detections, leak and damp assessments :
R 1850.00 including callout and first hour and R 480.00/hour thereafter.

*A report can be issued if requested for insurance or other purposes at a cost of R 480.00.

*Repairs to burst pipes can be quoted for once the position of the leak has been located, starting at R 1950.00 for the first 2 hours &
R 480.00 for every hour thereafter, as or if required.

Note : All pipe repair quotes will exclude remedial work such as tiling, paving, brick and plaster work, reconcreting or any other surface or materials.

*Townhouse complex – half-day :
R 5750.00 plus 2 bottles of gas
R 3400 @ R1700.00/bottle

*Townhouse complexes – full day :
R 11500.00 plus 3 bottles of gas
R 5100.00 @ R1700.00/bottle

*Business parks – half day : R5750.00 plus 2 bottles of gas
R 3400.00 @ R1700.00/bottle

*Business parks – full day :
R 11500.00 plus 3 bottles of gas
R 5100.00 @ R 1700.00/bottle

*Smallholdings – : R 4850.00 plus gas @R 1700.00/bottle

* Note: All rates are subject to area and need to be confirmed before we commit to the job.

Terms of payment: C.O.D.

Before the team leaves the site in cash or by eft.

Negotiable payment exceptions in extreme circumstances:

1)Within 24 hours of the leak detection or other work having taken place.

2)or on the first business day after the leak detection or other work having taken place.

We request your cooperation in this regard.

All invoices older than 7 days may attract admin (collection costs) and interest fees at statutory rates.

Note: Please assist us by making payments on time as described above so as to avoid unpaid amounts affecting your credit/financial integrity.

Payment terms C.O.D. : Cash or Eft.